As part of our mission to serve God and become more rooted and grounded in His love, each Sunday worship service is followed by a time devoted to discipleship. We strive to equip the saints with not just information, but wisdom contained within Holy Scripture. We learn, discuss, and are nourished by the Bible and may occasionally supplement our time with other resources that are informed by the Bible.

Some additional resources utilized in the past are included below:

The The Nicene Creed in pdf– created by a prior rector, Dominic Taranto, and includes references to Scripture that affirm the validity of this creed.

Anglican Answers – contains answers to FAQ about Anglicanism, which can be helpful to open further discussion

www.thebibleproject.com – an excellent media resource that provides overviews to books contained in the Bible as well as various topics or opportunities for further study.




Bible Study




Discipleship Series

following Sunday Worship Service


We are currently studying and discussing
the Apostles Creed