The Gospel

Most of us know that there are four Gospels in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Gospels tell the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension to glory. The word “Gospel”, literally means “Good News”. The good news for each of us is that through Jesus offering of himself on the cross and his triumph over death, all who believe and place their trust in him are promised the gift of spending eternity in His presence. There cannot possibly be any better news than this for we who live but a short while on this earth. We believe that God’s Word is Truth. As such it not only lifts us heavenward, but it reminds us of those things about our lives that we do not like to hear and know. We are sinners in need of being redeemed. God desires to change that in us which is not holy and repentance is never easy for us. Old habits die hard. So, the Gospels have this two-pronged desire: to turn our lives around and to lead us to an abundance of life that is not possible without Jesus Christ at the center.


The best way to live a rich life is to stay close to the heart of our Lord, to abide in Him. Every day we need to connect with the living God and ask His presence to help and guide us through the day. So just how do we connect with God every day? Of first importance is to be faithful in reading the sacred story daily so to keep the love of God fresh in our hearts. This is done by engaging with our Bibles and being led by God in the study of His word to us. In addition, there are many wonderful devotional books and commentaries available to us to provide insight and understand how God yearns to enhance our lives.

We here, at St Bede’s Anglican Church, strive to center ourselves within the good news of the Gospels. We hope you will join us in finding new life in the story that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell and the newness of life described and made available throughout Scripture. It is the key to joy, peace, and living the Godly life.

The Messiah
by the Bible Project
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